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Here, we've included key words and phrases from

each of our scribe's articles. Just scan the list for

the one you'd like to read and then click on the

BLUE article number. That'll take you directly 

to the related PDF article. The "S" in "tcS

identifies TC's "SHORTS" for really

fast comprehension. The  "L" in

"tcL" denotes TC's full-length

articles, for enhanced


1830 —/News-1

70 x 7 —tcS0014

Abandoning the Visible Church —tcS0044

Adam's Missing Rib —tcS0024

Agnosticism —tcL0026

Agree or Disagree —tcS0026

Air & Clouds —tcS0027

Alone? —tcL0035

Always "Jesus?" —tcS0036

Animals, preach to them? —tcS0038

Answered Prayers Journal tcL0043

Appendix 5

Apostles Died, How —tcL0014

Approved by God, how to be —tcS0042

Army of the Lord! —tcS0029

Backslider (TC) —tcL0026

Bad Things Happen —tcL0006

Believe Whom? —tcS0028

Bible, Fairytales? —tcL0032

Bible Milk v. Bible Meat —tcS0044

Bible Reading Cover-to-Cover —tcS0042

Bible Study, Small Groups  —tcS0008

Calling? Yours? —tcL0011

Children's Party Game —tcL0010

Christian Citizenship—tcL0046tcS0025

Church Fathers —tcL0002

Church History —tcL0002

Church History —tcL0003

Citizenship, good —tcL0046tcS0025

Civics for Christians

Coaching Believers —tcL0041

Compromise? —tcS0034

Compromise & "Get Along!" —tcS0043

Confessional Booth Scandals —tcS0022

Constantine's Role —tcL0007

Contaminated Teaching —tcL0042

Contradictions —tcS0003

Converting Believers 2 Disciples —tcL0041

Corinthian Pentecost —tcS0041

Corrupted Gospel Message —tcL0042

Council of Nicea —tcL0007

Counseling Scandals —tcS0022

Cover-to-Cover Bible Reading —tcS0042

Dagon, Fish God—tcS0032

Day Star—tcL0050

Derivative Works —tcS0006

Discipleship Coaching —tcL0041

DIVERSITY —Civics0001

DONE, what we've —tcS0023

Doubting Thomas, You? —tcL0029

"Ears to Hear"—tcL0046


Effectual Fervent Prayer —tcS0001 Atheist??? —Civics0002

End-Time Parables of Jesus —tcS0007

Evangelism —tcL0042, tcS0045 & tcL0046

Every Creature? —tcS0038

EVOLVED Gospel Message —tcL0042

Expert Phenomenon, The —tcS0021

Extra-Biblical Revelation —tcS0005

Fairytales, the Bible? —tcL0032

Faith EquitySMtcL0024

False Prophets, I.D. —tcL0031

Feeling Welcome —tcS0016

Female Pastors? —tcL0028

Firstfruits < Our Prototype —tcS0040

Fish God, Dagon —tcS0032

Focus of Evangelism —tcL0042

Folk Evangelism tcS0045

Practical Evangelism —tcL0042

Praise God! —tcL0022

Preach for a Living? —tcL0015

Preach to Animals? —tcS0038

Forsaken, Why? —tcS0033

Gaining God's Approval, How —tcS0042

Getting Saved —tcS0009

"Get Along!, Let's" —tcS0043

Getting Saved History —tcL0025

Getting'em Saved! —tcS0035

Globalism via Religion —tcS0043

Golden Handcuffs —Civics0002

Good Citizen?—tcS0025

"Good Job!" —tcS0047

Gotta Be Me! —tcL0001a

Grace v. Works —tcS0047

"Grandiosity" —Civics0003

Hahvuhd, Dahling! —tcL0030

Handcuffs (The Golden) —Civics0002

Hate & Violence —Civics0004

Heaven on Earth —tcS0018

History, Getting Saved —tcL0025

Holy Spirit Role —tcS0015

How The Apostles Died —tcL0014

Human Nature is Sin Nature! —tcL0033

"I Love Milk!" —tcS0044

In Name Only —tcS0010

In the name of Jesus! —tcL0034

Info v. Knowledge —tcS0037

Intoxicants —tcL0009

"Jesus" Always? —tcS0036

Join Forces & "Get Along!" —tcS0043

"Judge Not..." —tcL0040

KJV History —tcL0003

Knowledge v. Info —tcS0037

Let's Just "Get Along!" —tcS0043

Lie Awake at Night? —tcL0008

Lifestyles —tcL0027

Like Jesus, to be —tcS0017

Like Jesus, to be —tcL0013

Like Streams of Water —tcL0033

Listening —tcL0016

Matthew 25 —tcS0007

Milk Love —tcS0044

Ministry —tcS0012

Ministry FOCUS —tcL0042

Missing! ...from God's Armour —tcL0041

Moslems, Why? —tcS0019

Must We Agree? —tcS0011

Napoleon re: Jesus—tcL0012

Need to Feel Welcome —tcS0016

New Jerusalem, The —tcL0017

New Testament? What's New? —tcL0023

Nicea, Council of —tcL0007

Party Game, Children's —tcL0010

Passionate v Passive Faith —tcL0041

Peddle the Gospel? —tcL0015

Pentecost —tcS0015


Peer Pressure (professional) —Civics0002

Pentecost, Corinthian —tcS0041

Personal Evangelism—tcL0046

Plurality— Is God Both Singular & Plural?

Politics...the Christian Perspective

Politics-Religion-Spin —tcS0031

Power Steering —tcS0015

Practice! —tcL0041

Practical Personal Evangelism—tcL0004

Prophesies Already Fulfilled —tcS0020

Prototype > "Firstfruits" —tcS0040

Prove it! —tcL0037

RAPTURE —/News-1

Reading Cover-to-Cover —tcS0042

Reading v. Studying —tcS0042

"Reflections of an Observer" —Civics0001

Religion-Politics-Spin —tcS0031

Religious Globalism —tcS0043

Repent? Who does That? —tcS0030

Rescue the Perishing! —tcL0042

Reverence Titles —tcL0004

Rites of Passage tcL0043

Rocks! tcL0043


Scandals, Counseling —tcS0022

Scriptural Milk v. Meat —tcS0044

Sealed Eternally? —tcL0036

Sensible Evangelism—tcL0046

Seventy times Seven —tcS0014

Shoes of PRACTICE —tcL0041

Sin Nature is Human Nature!  —tcL0033

Small Group Bible Study —tcS0008

Social Gospel, The —tcS0002


Something's Fishy —tcS0032


Spiritual Gifts —tcL0018

Spirituality, Secular —tcS0004

Sports Fans Are Zealots —tcL0020

Stacks of Rocks tcL0043

Stranger in Our House —tcL0038

Streams of Water —tcL0033

Stress Relief —tcL0044

Studying v. Reading —tcS0042

Sugar-Coated Gospels —tcL0042

"Taken," one shall be —tcS0039

Teaching v. Learning —tcL0019

The Ministry —tcS0012

The New Jerusalem —tcL0017

Titles of Reverence —tcL0004

To Be Like Jesus —tcL0013

Toxic Femininity

Trinity— Is God Both Singular & Plural?

Upon Which Rock?—tcL0047

Voting...a Civil Responsibility

Welcome, need to feel —tcS0016

"Well Done, My Servant." —tcS0047

What We've DONE —tcS0023

Whom to Believe? —tcS0028

Works, to be Judged by —tcL0039

What's Your Calling? —tcL0011

Where Are The Dead? —tcS0046

Where Did Jesus Go? —tcS0046

Why Forsaken? —tcS0033

Why Marry? —tcL0021

Why Many Leaving "Church" —tcS0044

Withheld Listening —tcL0016

"Witnessing" to the Unsaved tcS0045

Women in "The Ministry" —tcL0028

Works v. Grace —tcS0047

Works? What of Them? —tcL0039

Worship The Word? —tcS0013

Xtra-Biblical Revelation —tcS0005

When Others ASK—tcL0046

Which Rock?—tcL0047

Zealots —tcL0020

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