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We owe a special debt of gratitude to William L. Huckaby, Jr. for having inspired this worthy initiative. 

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At the bottom-right of the very last editorial in each series,

there is a 3-digit CODE. Just send us that code.

If you get stumped, you may click HERE

to request our assistance.

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This image is a Hotlink to the
unique scholarly research paper.

At the bottom of each editorial within a given topic series there will be a hot link to the next editorial in that series.

At the bottom of the very last editorial in each topical series you will find a 3-digit code.

Send us that code via our "Contact Us" page and we will email you the link to the next topical series.

You may feel free to use a nickname or a made-up name when contacting us.

Just use the same one each time; okay?

For each editorial within a topical series, you will need

to have consumed the info in all the topical editorials that came before it.

Likewise, to understand each new topical series, you will need to have digested the info and insight

from the entire collection of topical editorial series that came before it. 


Think of that like the need to take basic math and then geometry and Algebra I & II

before you decide to tackle physics and trigonometry and such.

If you encounter a problem, click HERE for our assistance.

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