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The organization destined to become Bible Explorers Club, LLC, was founded on March 4, 2006,

in a public library meeting room in the Southern Crescent Region of Atlanta, GA.

          On that day, nineteen multi-denominational Christians, including five clergymen (respectively ordained by four different mainstream denominations), met together to begin searching the Scriptures to discover what God's written word really says. Why? All seminaries teach "what 'we' believe." Their graduates preach "what 'we' believe." Those who warm their pews believe "what 'we' believe." The critical question remains. It is this: "Would God, as supremely intelligent as He is, really have left us his written instructions in a form that could only be interpreted by sectarian "experts" whose interpretations differ so curiously?

          Because until the 20th Century, literacy was the exception, Christians had no choice but to trust "experts" to interpret God's word for them. Today, though, literacy is the norm. Still, Christians appear to have abdicated both their Bible studying...and their critical "experts."

          Together, we wondered whether we might learn and then be able to teach others how to read the Bible as-if-no-one-had-ever-explained-what-it-means. After all, our seminaries teach our preachers only what to confirm denominational doctrines. Laymen typically learn from their preachers only what to study, for the same reason. We agreed that, because our time is short, we must all learn how to study God's written word, to discover the original truth. That's the only truth that has the capacity to make men free.

          We resolved to learn only from God's written word. The arguments and commentaries of Bible "experts" were not to be admissible in our forum. It was to be a Conversational Learning Forum. There was to be no preaching or lecturing. The forum leader would moderate our interaction. He would introduce each Bible Discovery ExperiencesSM topic and then ask a thought-provoking question or two, to kick off the fully interactive learning. Once a session was under way, he would occasionally probe our responses to prompt us to new levels of interactive discovery.


          That consistently yielded synergy. It was mutually invigorating, especially when it became Holy Spirit synergy.


The Link1(TM) Bible Research Team was founded in December of 2008,

in a meeting room at the executive offices of a local petroleum distributor.

          Because we had discovered what appeared to be critical, but enormously popular scriptural error within mainstream Christianity, a much smaller group of Bible ExplorersSM decided to start digging to learn much more about those errors. That was to include some serious scholarly research. While our focus was squarely on objective comprehension of God’s written word we concluded that we must also start researching the historical record – to learn where and how those apparent errors had gotten started and taken root. Our early deliberations included whether and/or how we should expose any critical error, to the benefit of Christ’s lambs.

          We defined “critical error” as any doctrine that will cause sincere Christian believers and their preachers to eventually worship the wrong “Christ.” Such doctrinal errors might become unstoppable after they reach critical mass. Have they already reached critical mass? Have most professing Christians invested their Faith EquitySM unwisely? Might Satan’s first round of deception be complete?

          To date, we have discovered four (4) such mainstream Christian doctrines, but have conducted substantial research on just three of them. Yes, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about our shocking discoveries. And these are our conclusions. You’ll be wise to be skeptical of our conclusions and then do your own due diligence to yield personally informed conclusions.

          The key to your success may well be the profound message of Acts 17:11. Read that in several Bible versions...

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