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Many are surprised to learn that there is NEVER a charge to study with us—in person or online.
"Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit..." —Paul, at 2 Corinthians 2:17

NO PASSWORD is needed

for the IINTRO Document.

Each of these images is a hot link to the related, user-friendly PDF study guide. 

The PDFs are downloadable and printable...or you can read them on your PC or tablet screen.

To discover whether the series is for you (or not) just read the INTRO article. 

Want a second preview of what to expect? "TC's Shorts" can help.

Should you join or start a small Bible study group?

          This series is formatted for both individual and small group study. If you decide to join or start a small group, it will become important to understand the differences between a TEACHING forum and a LEARNING forum. The focus is on the teacher in a teaching forum. A fully-interactive learning forum is focused on the participants.


          We have gained substantial experience with several group sizes and three different formats. For maximum learning, smaller groups of 5-12 with trained-facilitator-led discussion has proven best for us—but we've also enjoyed rewarding experiences with just two or three participants. Synergy often emerges and participants learn from one another! That's partly because they aren't looking at the backs of one anothers' heads. The caveat is that the facilitator must become a lecturer (albeit flexible and interactive) when presenting material with which the participants are marginally familiar or not familiar at all.


          Several participants in our various groups – as young as 15 and as old as 93 – have announced that they had learned more about the Bible and Christianity in just a few of our weekly or monthly study groups than they had ever learned in church. One must wonder if that is because "church" is all about "praise and worship." If so, that would be a really sad report, given the fact that Our Heavenly Father is quoted at Hosea 4:6 as saying His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Add to that the message of the only verse in the Bible that instructs believers on how to gain God's approval—2 Timothy 2:15.

          A smart facilitator may learn more than all the other participants.

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