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       Trouble getting the scriptural "dots" to "connect" for you? You're certainly not alone in your frustration...not at all. Clergymen have abandoned the faith because of it. Some have even committed suicide! Parishioners (lots of them) have stopped going to church for the same reason. "Something's just not adding up!" they think to themselves. But they stop short of voicing their questions. Why? There is a culture of fear within the visible church. The fear of being labeled a "Doubting Thomas."

       Our resident scribe, TC Newsome, was a part of that fearful group, too, for decades! But he was teaching large adult Bible classes in church sanctuaries, for goodness' sake! We're fortunate that he at least took a sabbatical to examine his personal fear. Here's how that played out:

       He began his scriptural exploration with prayer for guidance. Then, he remembered a scripture that may also be vaguely familiar to you—Acts 17:11. There, Paul declared one group of Jews to be "more noble" than another. Both groups were extremely skeptical upon hearing the Gospel Message for the first time. The "more noble" group promptly went to their homes and searched through their own scriptures to learn whether what they had heard just MIGHT be true. The not-noble-at-all group went on their way in ignorant bliss.


       But what about that "Doubting Thomas" syndrome? Mr. Newsome concluded that if the "more noble" group at Acts 17:11 had earned that distinction via their initial skepticism and wise follow-through, then Thomas may well have been Jesus' most-noble disciple! From that moment, he started encouraging believers to feel VERY free to voice their skepticism, but to actively (as opposed to passively) explore it, too.


       This is from our favorite TC Newsome quotes and it is clearly pertinent to this discussion: "From those who're inclined to always agree with me, I learn not much. From those who rationally explain why they disagree, I learn volumes."

       Meanwhile, we have just created a brand new web page with a primary focus on helping sincere seekers of 1st-Century Truth "connect" the scriptural "dots." We are updating that page almost daily, now, so we think you will want to bookmark it and check back often. Here’s the link:

       Like it? Are you numbered with the more-noble? Then, share it with others whom you love!

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